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With modern trends, you’ll find that most people deal with all their financial and insurance obligations digitally. Typically every major carrier and financial bank offers the public a way to utilize their services through a mobile app. Personally, I haven’t spoken to a bank teller in ages. I deposit my checks online by taking a picture. I have an app to download my insurance card. Much of this works fine for very standard types of services.

But what do you do when you need something catered to your specific needs?

Recently, I was faced with looking for coverage for my business, a marketing and graphic design firm based in Dallas, Texas. After being burglarized and realizing I had almost lost my laptop (luckily the thieves didn’t take any electronics), the concern of losing my work equipment and being left empty handed became more than just a fleeting concern. It turned into real fear.

I needed real protection for bad times. Luckily, I had a friend in the insurance business. He’s an agent for Farmers Insurance based in Carrollton, Texas. His name is Samuel Chun. I reached out to him and explained my concern. He basically explained the different types of coverage I could seek and highly recommended me getting business insurance.

After itemizing my hardware and explaining what I earned from my business, he went to work. He calculated the coverage amounts I would need and made sure that the policy included theft. A clear delivery of information was provided which is invaluable. Have you ever tried to read through an insurance policy? It doesnt’ make much sense if you’re not a part of the industry. With an insurance agent, he was able to explain things in layman’s terms so that I could understand.

It was great. I got to shoot scenarios to him and find out whether I would be covered. What my cost would be, and what I’d be covered for.

Pretty much. I left the meeting feeling secure knowing that I finally had protection. None of this would have been possible without me actually spending some facetime with my insurance agent.

He even went as far as quoting me for other lines of coverage to see if he could save me money on my other policies. Very very thorough. He saved me money on insurance by combining coverage and offered me more protection than I had before.

So the benefits of using an insurance agent:

1. Working with someone with experience.

2. Customized coverage.


4. Saved me money.

Technology is great. Automation is convenient. But there are somethings that just can’t be replaced with an mobile app. I’ll still be using my app to deposit checks though. Sorry bank tellers.

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