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Caution: Spoilers

Interstellar, a film by Chris Nolan, starring Matthew McConaughey as the lead has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike but there are a few things this film executed sublimely.

  • The soundtrack with Hans Zimmer
    1. Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite modern composers. I first noticed his music in “The Last Samurai” featuring Tom Cruise and while I enjoyed the movie, it was the score that stood out to me. I’ve read that Chris Nolan approached Hans Zimmer to produce the score without him ever seeing the movie. Only to create the score with the understanding that movie was about a Father and his relationship with his Son. The combination of the visual and audible was just….moving. Perfect.
  • Cinematography and Imagery
    1. I always appreciate it when you can freeze a movie and the imagery can stand on its own. There are so many times that this movie works like a beautiful photograph. The other worlds they visit and the striking landscapes. It felt familiar yet surreal. Made the viewer (myself) feel uneasy about the characters’ setting. It was a perfect representation of a place where humans have not touched yet. The idea that a place like this might be possible and that one day man-kind could step foot in it had me enticed.
  • The Story (SPOILERS)
    1. Say what you will about the ending, but I loved it. It’s a movie that’s FICTIONAL. It’s fiction and it placates perfectly to what I had hoped for. A reunion. A happy ending. When Cooper (Matthew McConauhey) is found near Jupiter’s moon by a spaceship dedicated to the mission his daughter (Murphy) after entering a black hole. It made me feel so happy.Coop is a former NASA test pilot who comes across a government funded base (formerly NASA) that is working to develop a way to colonize another habitable planet. They were given coordinate to a wormhole that they believe will take them to another part of the universe where humans can continue to exist as Earth is becoming more and more uninhabitable. By chance (or fate), Coop is recruited to go through the wormhole and retrieve data to send back to Earth. That’s the basis of the story, but more than anything….it’s about his relationship to Murph (his daughter).

The REAL reason this movie hits home for me is because of the love this film captures. The love a father feels for his daughter. I often find that a big part of being a good father is to do things beyond the satisfaction of now, the one closest to you. Part of being a good father, is being a good person/human being. If you’re faced with making a decision of appeasing the heart of the most loved one in your life, or having to abandon your most loved one to possibly provide a sustainable life in the future for her and everyone else, what would you do? Coop chooses the latter, but it’s clear from the beginning. His heart is torn at the fact that he has to leave Murph and possibly never see her again. He knows that he will do everything in his power to return to her. He literally crossed the universe and back….for his daughter. I’m no astronaut, but I know that I would do everything/anything for my children. Part of being a good father is to follow your dreams….sometimes family time will be sacrificed, but in the end, it’s for the greater good. Be someone the next generation would be proud of.

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